The Inaugural Edition

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute and took the time to look through our hard work. We look forward to publishing the print version when we return to campus. Happy Pride!


Q-INE is Launching Soon!

The inaugural edition of Q-INE is going to be released in digital format very soon. Kick off your Pride the right way!



This contest is open-ended so let your creativity flow and create anything Queer-themed. Topics can include diversity, adversity, unity, pride, and etc. The more daring, the better! The deadline for submissions is January 31st. Feel free to submit multiple entries and, of course, submit written work to the magazine!

Submissions can be made in the submissions tab like other work. There will be an option on the form if you want to be considered for the contest.



Penn's LGBTQ interest magazine

Q-INE (pronounced queen) is Penn’s LGBTQ+ interest magazine. We aim to showcase writing, art, photography and much more giving Penn’s queer community an outlet for expression and a platform for interests and concerns. We accept submissions from the entire Penn LGBTQ+ community: undergraduate, graduate, or staff.


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